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About us

Our goal is to call on all Beeman males (or any variations of the Beeman surname) to help us to identify our lines by taking the Y-DNA 37 marker test. If you can not do the Y-DNA 37 marker test at this time then the Y-DNA 12 marker test will do for a start. The more individuals we have test the more defined our lines become.

FTDNA tests meet the highest standard for precision and reliability whichrequires individual verification by very skilled professionals. Therefore, typical times between the time when the kit goes to the lab for processing and the availability of results is:
12 Marker Y-DNA - 4 weeks
25 Marker Y-DNA - 6 weeks
37 Marker Y-DNA - 6 weeks
67 Marker Y-DNA - 6 weeks
12 to 25 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 4 Weeks
12 to 37 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 4 Weeks
25 to 37 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 4 Weeks
12 to 67 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 6 Weeks
25 to 67 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 5 Weeks
37 to 67 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 5 Weeks

mtDNA Tests - 5 Weeks

(kits go to the lab in batches every week)

These times are for tests that have a successful outcome from the first run at the lab. Approximately 85% of the first runs are successful. The tests are rerun on the other 15% until a good result is obtained. Unfortunately, each rerun adds two weeks to the process. FTDNA understands that the delay is frustrating to participants. When a delay occurs, your sample is being rerun as many times as it takes to achieve a successful result.

Finally, FTDNA would like to recommend that you join the International Society of Genetic Genealogy at Membership is free and it is a good resource.