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The BEEMAN Surname DNA Project was created to develop a collection of various BEEMAN family groups who descend from the same male BEEMAN ancestor.

DNA analysis provides a tool for identifying participants who share a common male ancestor; and, when used in unison with documented BEEMAN pedigrees, can also aid in establishing links between BEEMAN groups who previously were thought to be unrelated. Because many BEEMAN surname researchers have exhausted traditional genealogy research methods without identifying their elusive BEEMAN ancestor, this project combines genetics and genealogy in an effort to break through the proverbial "brick wall".

Much useful information on the application of DNA analysis to genealogy research can be found through the DNA Resources page.
Some of the most common variant spellings are:

Some other known variant spellings are:

All variant spellings are welcome to participate.

The ancient roots of the Beeman family are in the Anglo-Saxon culture. The name Beeman comes from when the family lived near a mountain. This name was brought to England by the Normans, and is a corruption of the Norman French name Beaumont, which means beautiful mountain. It arrived in England shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066 A.D.

First found in Suffolk, where they were seated from ancient times.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were:
John Beman who arrived in Virginia in 1623; Captain Daniel Beeman, Simon Beamon, Thomas Beomont, William Beamond, John Beamond, and Gamaliel Beomont in Massachusetts in 1635, and William Beman in Virginia in 1774.

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