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AlpGenY-DNA Grouping explanation and sources (under construction).
Link of group goes to ytree.ftdna subclades of draft tree by Thomas Krahn's Lab @ FTDNA. Look also at ISOGG tree.
FT-P: FTDNA Projects
YB10: McGee Y-Utility STR calculation Mod by MJost with mutation rates from Burgarella 2010
MHT-xxx: Marko Heinila's trees, xxx= STR markers, May 2012 or later,

  • G2a L30+ M406+ Eastern Alpine? (Alpine-Illyrian?)
    Kit 111227 Manfreda: User ID CSKGE (more SMGF markers)
  • I1 M227+ NW Alpine? (North European?)
    Kit 66585 Azzi MHT-67: Martin (~1440 years, France), ~2270 years matches from France, Russia  and British (Cook).
  • I1 Z58+ Z139+ Alemanni? (North European?)
  • I2 P217+ M223+ Z161+ Z76+ Rhine Valley/Central Germany? (Central European?)
    Kit 65183 Michaels probably with Swiss ancestor (surname Hermann) common in Switzerland, SW to SE Germany, NE France (2), E Belgium and Scotland; Harmon Project has a 67-STR I2 Match YB10 ~1900 years. FT-P: Distant matches Biwer (YB10 ~1000 years, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany). MHT-111: Budz (~1130 years, Poland/Slovakia), Hogan (~1400 years, Ireland and North England), Stevens (~2100 years, British), Bennett (~2100 years), Zaleski (~2100 years, Poland). 
  • J1c P58+ L147.1+ Med? (Levant?)
  • J2a L927+ I Alpine? (Italic/Med?)
  • J2a L927+ L25+ Alpine? (Italic?)
  • J2a L927+ L1064+ Italic? (Med?)
    Kit E4955 has only FTDNA matches over 2100 years away from Europe and Middle East. In SMGF he has a ~40 gen. match with Zanatta (Veneto).
  • J2a L927+ M67+ L210+ NE of Alps? (Med/Levant?)
    Kit N109446 Berger has no STR-matches but by his SNP belongs to a cluster from Hungary, Poland, Belarus.
  • R1b P312+ U152+ L2+ North Alpine? (Celtic?)
  • R1b P312+ U152+ L2+ Z367+ Western Alpine? (Celtic?)
    Kit N9198 Belgieri has italian Bolgeri/Belgeri MHT-67 matches until ~1100 years ago; there are no other matches between 2100 years, but the more ancient ones come from England, France and Spain.
  • R1b P312+ U152+ Z36+ North Alpine? (Celtic?)
    Kit 204013 Musselman has clear MHT-67/111 matches from Switzerland in the last 800 years (Mosemann, Singer, Binggeli); ~2200 years away are England? (Cleeton, Parrish), Bohemia (Hunke); older matches point to Benelux.
    Kit 87035 Binkley (Binggeli) was located in Canton Bern (primarily Wahlern and Guggisberg) during the latter 1500s. The kit is related probably under 700 years with 204013 . So the same matches should show up.
    Kit E5182 Schaer by MHT-111 is over 2100 years away from some British isles samples. The distance to 204013 is ~3600 years by MHT-111 and ~1075 years by YB10
    Kit 192495 Fuchs has to few markers/SNPs to get a clear matching. By YB10 the distance is E5182 ~750y and 204013 ~1150y.
  • R1b P312+ U152+ Z56+ North Alpine? (Celtic?)