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"This is a homerun"

I figured I'd provide an update since my finding may help others. I just got my Family Finder test results and I matched with a familiar person with the last name of Knight. I know of this person because he purchased a Y 67 marker test for a Jackson relative to help his research on his Jackson line. I matched 66 of 67 markers with the person who provided that sample, not Mr. Knight himself. When I got my Family Finder results that familiar name of Knight showed up again as a suspected 4th cousin match. After a few moments a light bulb went off. If I was matching with my friend who's last name is Knight, it was because of his sample, not that of the person that had provided the Jackson Y (male only) sample.

This means that my connection with Mr. Knight comes from those upline from his grandmother who is a Jackson. In this case, Y DNA first formed the connection to the male Jacksons and then the Family Finder test formed a connection to other Jackson's upline despite the female in the middle of the line. This is a homerun because I now lowered my most common recent ancestor by 1 generation and I'm only missing 2 Jacksons. This leaves me with a Y line of, Me-Father Reeves-GF Reeves-Unknown-Unknown-Jackson.

As the Family Finder database grows I hope to learn more when I match Jackson's at the 2nd or 3rd cousin level. Plus I have no idea who my grandmother was, so forming a 2nd cousin level match on an unknown surname might start to provide some insight. I'm encouraged.

"Congratulations to FamilyTreeDNA for this exciting new product"

I submitted samples for myself, two second cousins, and a 5th cousin for the new Family Finder atDNA test offered by My personal test was in the Beta round so I had my results for weeks. My 2nd cousins are in batch 349. The tests were all submitted in the blind. I was very pleased to see the results come in yesterday for one of my 2nd cousins in batch 349 with a solid prediction that he was my second cousin. Using the tools provided by Family Finder's features I then confirmed the relationship. Also the surnames from the GEDCOMs linked to the names are displayed. Many other tools are provided. Very nice. I now plan to use this new test to verify other not so sure 3rd cousin relationships to help solve a mystery in the GG-grandmother level of my tree. Congratulations to FamilyTreeDNA for this exciting new product to help us genetic genealogists unravel the mysteries in our trees and family relationships.

"THANK YOU FTDNA for offering this test!"

FTDNA's Family Finder test results from husband and we both match the same person! NOT through the paper trail line per se, but through another line that we hadn't connected via paper before now! And this person whom both my husband and I match also matches another person who is also in my line! This is a fabulous test...for us anyway! Both my husband and I each have 10 matches, 3 close for me and 2 close for him. My first closest is my husband's 2nd closest. And both my husband and I closely match men with the same surname, but we don't know yet if these latter two men are related to each other. AND this latter surname is the surname of my uncle's mother's mother! (My uncle and my mother had the same father, but different mothers).

THANK YOU FTDNA for offering this test!