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Max and Bennett talk to Jim Whibble, from BBC Radio about FamilyTreeDNA and Who Do You Think You Are

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Hear Max and Bennett talk to Jim Whibble of The BBC Radio about FamilyTreeDNA, the sponsor of Who Do You Think You Are DNA Workshop

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Spining DNA

The video "Gene By Gene - through the eyes of our customers" is an account of some of our customers' surname projects and is intended for those who want to learn more and start a Surname Project. We have split it into four segments for ease of use.

GbyG - Part 1 (56K-Dial-up)   Part 1 (Cable/DSL)
GbyG - Part 2 (56K-Dial-up)   Part 2 (Cable/DSL)
GbyG - Part 3 (56K-Dial-up)   Part 3 (Cable/DSL)
GbyG - Part 4 (56K-Dial-up)   Part 4 (Cable/DSL)


In this interview with West Virginia Public Broadcasting, retired Virginia Tech physics professor David Roper tells about his surname project and the search for descendants of Ben Franklin. Stories and family lore suggest one of his forefathers was a cousin. Roper is tracing the genetic trail through DNA.


Genealogist/entrepreneur Bennett Greenspan makes a visit to The Business Makers show to talk about the success and benefits of FamilyTreeDNA. Since its founding in April 2000, FamilyTreeDNA has tested and added to its database more than 600,000 people. FamilyTreeDNA uses molecular biology to prove genetic relationships between two people. And, with the number of adoptions in America increasing at rapid rates, the company now offers a new test to find genetic relations among a different set of chromosomes that even proves half relations (half siblings, etc).
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Vietnam War Baby

This is a wonderful story of a Vietnam war baby in Australia who found his family after taking a DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA:
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